Errand Services

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Do you have a lot of errands to handle around the house and outside but no time to do them all? Handling a long to-do list can be even more challenging for older adults. Our team at JT Concierge Services understands and empathizes with your situation. We are offering you our errands services to make your life easier.
If you have been looking to hire someone who can chip away at that endless and overwhelming list of chores for you, our Errands Services are the perfect solution for you.
Specializing in eldercare, our Errand Services make a vital part of the solutions we offer at JT Concierge Services. From picking up your groceries to getting your car serviced and handling tasks around the house, we can do it all for you.
Our expert caregivers are ready and rearing to provide you and your loved ones the help you need to take care of all your errands.

What are Our Errand Services?

We know that running errands when you have so much to do can be a time-consuming part of life, especially when you are entering your golden years. Consider our Errand Services as a way to hire a personal concierge who can take the load off your tired shoulders and perform the daily tasks for you or help you complete them yourself.
Our expert and passionate caregivers will ensure that you get all the items on your list, no matter how hard the task might seem. They will handle pharmacy pick-ups and deliveries, take your car for service and repairs for you, handle your dry cleaning, and much more.

What Errands Can Our Errand Services Handle?

At JT Concierge Services, your convenience and satisfaction are our top priorities. It means that we are willing and able to handle a wide variety of tasks for just about any of your day-to-day affairs. Our comprehensive list of Errand Services includes but are not limited to:

How Much Does Errand Service Cost?

JT Concierge Services values your convenience in every aspect of your experience while working with us. We charge you a fixed hourly rate for the services we provide to meet your needs. Our rates remain the same regardless of the services you require to make working with us an easier affair.
Our rates remain the same, whether you avail our services during weekdays, weekends, and even on holidays. You can rest assured that there will be no need to worry about any hidden costs while we provide you with uninterrupted and convenient service to meet your needs.

Some Things You Should Know

At JT Concierge Services, we provide each of our valued clients with a tailor-made solution to meet their needs. Our team is flexible and you can completely customize the services you can hire us for. You simply need to tell us what tasks you want us to handle and our expert personal assistant will make it happen.
We adhere to the highest standards when hiring our staff. You can rest assured that we go through an extensive process of screening our expert caregivers and errand runners to ensure that you get only the most trustworthy professionals to handle your errands for you.
Our team comprises friendly, professional, and highly qualified caregivers. We only hire people whom we would hire to care for our own family members.


Services Hours
Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday closed
Please call or text for availability

Shopping & Delivery

$35.00 delivery fee on packages up to a 100Ibs
$2.50 fee is charged per every mileage travel and addtional $1.00 beyond our nomal delivery radius

18% fees for Grocery shopping and delivery of the receipts total
All orders are delivered within 2- 24 hrs
25.00 Flat rate fee for all pharmacy medication pickup and delivery
$5.00 discounts for all first-time order and a 10% discount for seniors over 65 years on all pharmacy pickup and delivery – online orders only.

Additional fee may apply for any other additional services that we provide beyond our normal scope of services